Capalex Aluminium Extrusions
Aluminium Extrusions
Capalex Aluminium Extrusions


Alocroming, or Alochroming as it's sometimes called, prepares aluminium for painting in either Alocrom 1000 or Alocrom 1200.


It is a corrosion protective coating applied to the bare aluminium either before painting or as a standalone finish for products like instrument facias - especially panels used in rack mounted enclosures.

It has good electrical conductive properties, however in it's bare form, it is not a hard coating and care should be taken if it is not over painted.

Iridite NCP

This is an enviromentally safe chrome free alternative to alocroming, specifically for aluminium alloys.

It applies a highly corrosion resistant coating idealy suited to be painted or as a stand alone finish.

It is ROHS compliant unlike some Alocroming finishes.

Aluminium Surface treatments, Alochroming or Iridite NCP to greatly protect the surface and wear resistance of an extrusion or component
finished aluminium product-Electronic container.Black Anodised case and base, Screen printed front