Capalex Aluminium Extrusions
Aluminium Extrusions
Capalex Aluminium Extrusions

Assembling Your Aluminium Components

Capalex works with our customers to offer full assembly and supply capabilities to meet specific project requirements.

Detailed assembly, and test standards can be uniquely developed with each customer for each project, including special labeling or other custom assembly requirements.

Particular care is taken with overall project management to ensure that the full expectations of supply are understood and put effectively into place. A completely open and flexible approach provides a total customer focused solution, combined with the speed of response and care associated with Capalex.

Using either free issue or bought-in items together with finished aluminium components.
From complex and demanding assemblies to simply fitting a screw or retail packing are amongst the products supplied by Capalex to a range of sectors, including petro-chemical, office, retail and electronic.

The ability to supply completely finished and packed assemblies to customer deadlines makes Capalex an essential 'one stop shop' for an increasing number of our customers.

We can supply in discrete O.E.M. packaging, with custom or plain labels, or in your own branded packaging. We can deliver direct to your site, or your customers/sub contractors site.

Part of an extruded hinge assembly, showing how we blank off the screw holes for powder coating
Another Hinge assembly from a conservatory door, this one is machined and retail packed for the customer.