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Capalex Aluminium Extrusions

IDMS and CMM Systems

IDMS - Keyence IM 7,000 Image Dimension Measurment System

With the continued investment that Capalex is committed to, we have acquired a new state of the art Keyence IM 7,000 series Image Dimension Measurement System. Allowing fast, consistent and easy operation, while enssuring the tight tolerances Capalex prodes itself on are not only kept, but made in a more timely and efficient manner.

Drastically Reduced Measurement and Recording Times

The Keyence IM 7,000 series automatically recognises the orientation of the profile which is detected by the software. It then compares it to the recorded shape from the CAD file, meaning the precise positioning of the part is not necessary.

The keyence machine has up to 99 measurement points with the single press of a button and can easily perform over a 100 measurments simultaneously which are recorded automtically with the capability to display averages. Inspection records can also be completed in seconds with full analysis report which prints directly in .CSV format.

Eliminates Operator Error

The Keyence IM 7,000 Series has a specifically designed optical lens with a large depth of field. With the built in auto-focus function enables measurement points of uneven surfaces are brought into focus at the same time.

Automatic Edge Detection with Unparalleled Image Processing

Sub-pixel processing means the IM 7,000 series can split each pixel into more than 100 sub-pixels. This provides a wide range of view, while maintaining the high precision capabilities.

Lines and circles are detected using squares fitting at least 100 detection points which can automaticallyidentify burrs and chips and with the automatic function, this brings a new meaning to place and press insection. Meaning anyone can use the Keyence IM 7,00 series machine straihght away.

Advanced Technologies for Achieving Place-and-Press Measurement

With a large diameter telecentric lense, the need for extreme focusing and positioning is negated. The large 200 x 200mm stage offers 4x the measurement volume. The programmable ring-illumination unit accurately extracts edges with optimal lighting conditions. The light probe enables measurment in previously obscured areas.

aluminium profile dimensions

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Capalex have enhanced their inspection facilities with the introduction of a Coordinate Measuring Machine, or CMM.

A CMM is a 3D measuring device that we use to measure precision aluminium machined parts, components and extrusions.

The software portion allows the machine to measure for inspection purposes as well as, and often this can be very important to a customer with an old part, reverse engineer from a component part or CAD/CAM drawing.

Measuring a three dimentional objectCalibrating the COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINEmeasuring an Aerospace section with the coordinate measuring machine

Extrusion profile dimesnions