Capalex Aluminium Extrusions
Aluminium Extrusions
Capalex Aluminium Extrusions

Fabrication of Aluminium Extrusions

A wide variety of fabrcation facilities to convert raw lengths of aluminium extrusion to customer specific components, parts or products.

Capalex can also fabricate your components from our extrusions or free issue materials if you require.

Fabricating of aluminium extrusion may involve one or more of the following processes.


Singular plane automated bending of aluminium sections and profiles in excess of 90 degrees, depending on section profile.


We have an extensive range of saws which means we can use the right saw for your required size of extrusion, giving you the quality of cut and tolerances you require. Our automated and manual saws can cut a vast range of extrusion profile sizes and lengths and also produce angular mitre cuts.


1 x Rapid Type BSK Mitre and cross cut saw cutting depth 600mm

2 x Perrazzoli 350 - AP Mitre and cross cut saws, Automatic Feed
Max vice opening 177mm
Max single cut 750mm
Max double cut 1500mm

1 x Emmegi 200S
Manual Saw

Spiral Wrapping

Small or delicate aluminium extrusions can be tightly bundled together with a spiral wrapping machine to enable ease of cutting and reduce the potential of surface damage.


Aluminium extrusions can be punched efficiently where larger volumes can justify the punch tooling cost. Capalex has a multi headed punching facility suitable for a broad range of extrusion profile sizes and lengths. We utilize lean manufacturing techniques to maximize punching efficiencies.


1 x Parsell Pneumatic 12 Station punch


We have a coiling capability for certain lighter extrusions in lengths up to 30 metres.


Burrs created during the sawing and machining processes can be removed, if necessary, to produce a cleanly finished component. Capalex has various methods of deburring available, but mechanical brushing or tumbling are generally the preferred processes to achieve the desired finish.


2 x Rasamat 2001 Deburring Machine
1 x Norfinish vibratory finishing machine VM200

A machined extruded aluminium component can be surface treated to your specification. We are able to assemble with any companion parts and pack and label to your requirements ready for you to send straight to your customer.

Capalex manufacturing can also offer a subcontract cnc machining service if you have aluminium or steel from another source that requires machining.

CNC Machining of Aluminium, from Garage Door parts, to Gaming achine enclosures
Simple cnc machined aluminium extrusion used in Railway Carriage Interiors