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Aluminium Extrusions
Capalex Aluminium Extrusions

Design Considerations for Aluminium Extruded Profiles

As Aluminium extrusions and machined profiles are becoming more popular to use as a material, there are many design considerations.

Wall Thickness

Large variations in wall thickness on an extruded section can often cause issues and needs to be managed carefully at the design stage. An initial consultation will go a long way to minimise potential later issues and provide a more robust product.

Simple Shapes

Although a wide variety of aluminium shapes can be extruded, some factors need to be taken into consideration.
Simple aluminium shapes are the most cost effective, as the dies will be relatively uncomplicated - affecting cost and turnaround times.
The more complicated the shape the more expensive the die costs may be.

Sharp or Rounded Corners

Generally all corners are rounded (have a radii). Sharp corners should be avoided or minimised.

Do I need to Buy Tooling/Dies when Requiring Samples?

Capalex can now produce bespoke 3D printed plastic samples or wire eroded samples, negating the need for tooling using a state of the art 3D printer. This can be invaluable when creating mating parts to see and feel their characteristics or even just to get a feel for the profile you are wanting to create.

Please enquire if you think a 3D printed or Wire Eroded sample would be benificial to you in deciding on the best way forward for your aluminium extrusion needs.

Dimensional Tolerances

All extrusions need to take tolerances into account at the design stage. This may help improve the fit of things like mating parts for instance.

Capalex conforms to standard tolerances on design & form supplied to BSEN 755. Standard material composition supplied to BSEN 573. There are other standards in existance, these can be discussed during the initial consultation and design stage.


Some specific design criteria that may need to be considered are as follows.

Screw Ports

Clip Fits

Hinge Joints

Solid or Hollow Profiles

Screw Threads

Precision measurements being made on aluminium extrusions. Can also be used on components after machining from the extruded section
preparation of a custom made hollow die in our die shop